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Heather’s Foster Dogs pulls homeless pets from animal shelters in order to ease shelter overcrowding and give these pets a chance to heal and grow in one of our foster homes. Heather’s Foster Dogs makes sure that before made available for adoption, each foster has been checked by HFD’s veterinarian, given age appropriate vaccinations (including rabies, distemper combo & canine influenza) & preventative (heartworm, flea). Each dog is evaluated in its foster home for a minimum of two weeks before declared available for adoption. Our goal is to show every pet we take in the TLC he or she deserves!

If you are keen on meeting a particular dog & have not submitted your adoption application, please be aware that other adopters who have may also be lined up to meet the same dog. It may be helpful for you to complete & submit your application online. To go the instructions for & a link to the online application, you may click on the link at the bottom of this page.


Elsie – Available            Breed:  Pit Bull Mix
Sex: Female                    Age:  1 year

Weight:  20 pounds       Spayed

Elsie, aka “LC”, is a one year old brindle “pocket pittie” mix who comes to us all the way from South Carolina and is looking for her forever home.

Elsie has been through a lot in her first year of life but has kept her optimism and happy zest for life. She was originally found during one of the South’s hurricanes last year and brought to an emergency vet clinic in the middle of the night by a good Samaritan. She had on a ratty collar but no ID, no microchip, and no one came to claim her. 

Rural parts of the south often do not have the rescue resources available, and there were no local rescues to transfer Elsie to. Before she knew it, she was growing up in the kennel at the vet clinic. Although the staff loved her, the chief of staff knew that she deserved better and arranged to have her transported 800 miles to a better life in Chicago. 

Elsie has been settling into a foster home with 2 large dogs and cats. She is energetic, fun, and loves to play, but is respectful of the fact that her foster siblings are older and don’t want to play too hard. That being said, she would most likely do wonderfully – and thrive- in a home with another playful dog. She plays wonderfully with a young foster sibling and after they get their energy out they relax together and chew bones. This could be win-win for someone who has a energetic dog already that needs a pal.

Elsie is respectful of the cats and doesn’t pester them. She is enjoying playing in her fenced in backyard in her foster home – she loves chasing tennis balls, toys, and exploring.

Elsie is perfecting her housebreaking as she adjusts from kennel life to home life. She had a few accidents in the house the first few days she was in foster care, but they have lessened as she is adjusting to being in a home and following the other dogs outside to go potty. She is 100 percent crate trained, so she will be re-housebroken in no time. Elsie would very much appreciate a patient home that will give her some time to adjust to yet another change, but the great news is she is super food/treat and approval motivated, and learns incredibly fast. Elsie knows to sit for her dinner and treats. Because she is energetic she would very much benefit from puppy training classes and/or another doggie pal to play with. However, Elsie is not “crazy” energy, she is happy/full of life energy, and is absolutely adorable to watch zipping around the yard. She does not yap and sleeps quietly through the night.

Elsie is fully grown at just 20 pounds, so she is a mystery mix, with something small and/or terrier-ish mixed in there somewhere. She is fully vetted – spayed, dewormed, vaccinated (rabies / distemper/parvo / bordetella & 2 flu strains),  heartworm negative / current on heartworm prevention, and microchipped.

Elsie’s adoption fee is $255.

Elsie has come such a long way to find someone special – could that be you? If you are interested in adopting Elsie, then just go to the banner menu above, move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application or email heathersfosterdogsinfo@gmail.com to get in touch with her foster mom. Submit your completed application & you will be contacted.



Clementine – Available            Breed:   Mastiff Mix
Sex: Female                                 Age:  2 – 3 years

Weight:  80 pounds                   Spayed

Let me introduce you to Clementine. She’s a smart, athletic, strong mastiff mix looking for an experienced adopter with a large, securely fenced yard so she can stretch those long legs safely.  If allowed, she’ll knock you\guests over with enthusiasm when you return home; surf the kitchen counters & get in the garbage; get on the couch & beds; bark at anything or nothing, especially when outside; dig holes in the yard & roll in the dirt. 

Are you still reading? She’s also a huge baby who will amuse you with silly antics, loves to cuddle and play with her toys.

Clementine needs a furever home!!!  We know her foster is at least the third home she’s been in. There could have been more. She was put into foster because of resource guarding which we’ve found to be very manageable for someone with experience.  For this reason though, no young children. She needs leash training. Something neglected when she was young but she is totally house trained. Clem is up to date on all her vacations, spayed & microchipped.   

Clementine’s adoption fee is $255.

If you’d like to provide Clem the unconditional love she deserves and have the time to commit to her continued development, please go to the banner menu above, move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application.  Feel free to provide detailed information about yourself\family & experience.



Cherish – Available        Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Sex: Female                      Age: 3 years

Weight:  9.5 pounds       Spayed

Cherish came to HFD with her 6 puppies. She was such a wonderful mom. Now that her puppies have their forever homes, it’s now her turn.

Cherish is extremely loving and just adores snuggling with her humans all night long. She will most definitely help to keep you warm on cold winter nights.

Cherish has some separation anxiety issues so needs a family with someone home most of the time & who has a canine companion for Cherish. She gets along great with the other small dogs in her foster home. So if you already have a dog that’s her size that’s ok. She does not, however, like larger dogs. 

Cherish even does well with the cat, although she thinks chasing is a fun game.

So far Cherish has liked every adult & the older children she’s met. But small children are not her thing. Cherish & small children would not be a good fit living together as she becomes nervous around them. So if you have kids they need to be older and respectful of her. 

Cherish is house trained with reminders. She is spayed, up to date on shots, monthly preventatives and microchipped.

If you are interested in adopting Cherish, then just go to the banner menu above move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application. Submit your completed application & you will be contacted.



Mona – Available               Breed: Spaniel Mix
Sex: Female                         Age: 18 Months
Weight: 23 pounds            Spayed

Silky haired Mona was picked up on the street by Heather’s Foster Dogs volunteer. Mona is shy with strangers but quickly warmed up to relaxed adults in her “stray hold” & foster homes. Once she gets to know & trust you, Mona becomes a shadow dog who loves her belly rubs. Mona would definitely benefit from the bonding experience of obedience training. She walks easily on a leash, following scents. Mona is house trained, although she needed a day to get used to schedules of different homes. 

Mona is dog friendly, except when she is eating. She has wanted to play with the other dogs in her foster home, but has learned the feeling is not mutual.

Because of her fear of strangers, a family with small children might not be the best fit. A fenced yard is preferable.

A video of Mona playing fetch: https://youtu.be/yXyWkxeLxFA

A video of Mona playing inside on a rainy day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLeyBDkcA6A&feature=youtu.be

Please see more of Mona on her Facebook page (Mona of Heather’s Foster Dogs) https://www.facebook.com/pg/Mona-of-Heathers-Foster-Dogs-435903757204993/posts/?ref=page_internal

Mona’s adoption fee is $275.

If you are interested in adopting Mona, then just go to the banner menu above move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application. Submit your completed application & you will be contacted.



Laura – Available               Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Sex: Female                                      Age: >=10 Years Weight:  12 pounds                                        Spayed

Laura is a special needs lady who needs a special home. Laura needs a relaxed home where she can spend her remaining time without drama in the company of a family experienced caring for a blind dog. And Laura needs a family who can afford her multiple prescriptions for her collapsed trachea, a chronic condition. Laura has responded well to the prescribed treatment regimen of 3 medications which, barring complications, she will be on for life.

As Laura was a stray, her age is unknown. She appears to be a minimum of 10 years old & could be significantly older. Laura was taken off the streets with a massive inguinal hernia, a sizable mammary tumor & a shrunken, hypotrophic eye. Laura underwent surgery for these ailments, was spayed & had significant dental work done. Biopsy showed her mammary tumor was cancerous. Laura’s remaining eye appears to have suffered serious injury, or injuries. She is sightless.

Laura is in a foster home with larger dogs with whom she interacts little. Laura will greet other dogs & quickly return to relaxing.

Laura uses a ramp to go between the house & yard. Laura does not walk, but tumbles. down stairs, so a home with stairs is not for her. When picked up & carried around, Laura quickly loses her bearings.

Laura is up to date on her vaccinations & monthly preventatives.

You may see more of Laura on her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pg/Laura-of-Heathers-Foster-Dogs-777261022624258/posts/?ref=page_internal) or search on Laura of Heather’s Foster Dogs.

If you are interested in adopting Laura, then just go to the banner menu above move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application. Submit your completed application & you will be contacted.


Are you interested in one of our amazing foster pets? AWESOME! That means you must be ready to move onto the next step in the process: your HFD Adoption Application. Please click the link below to complete our Adoption Application via Google Forms. Sorry, all blanks must be completed so just enter something like n/a when the follow up question appears irrelevant. 

HFD Adoption Application

Please note that we cannot arrange a meet and greet without a completed and approved Adoption Application. Thank you very much.

We often have multiple applications for the same adoptable dog. We will not disclose information about other potential adopters nor will we normally stop accepting applications on that dog until it has officially been adopted.



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