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Located in the south suburbs of Chicago, Heather’s Foster Dogs pulls homeless pets from animal shelters in order to ease shelter overcrowding and give these pets a chance to heal and grow in one of our foster homes. Heather’s Foster Dogs makes sure that before made available for adoption, each foster has been checked by HFD’s veterinarian, given age appropriate vaccinations (including rabies, distemper combo & canine influenza) & preventatives (heartworm, flea). Each dog is evaluated in its foster home for a minimum of two weeks before declared available for adoption. Our goal is to show every pet we take in the TLC he or she deserves!

If you are keen on meeting a particular dog & have not submitted your adoption application, please be aware that other adopters who have may also be lined up to meet the same dog. It may be helpful for you to complete & submit your application online. To go the instructions for & a link to the online application, you may click on the link at the bottom of this page.


Charlie – AVAILABLE                     Pitbull Mix

Male                                                   9 Years Old

55 pounds                                         Neutered

Charlie is aged to perfection.  He’s calm, confident & loving.  He’s enjoyed the company of people aged 15 months to 90 years. Charlie likes to play fetch & tug-o-war, in the house or the pool. He loves to go for walks and rides great in the car.  Charlie is not going to freak out when it storms or at loud noises. Not a big barker either.  He’s house & crate trained.

Charlie is ok with other dogs but would be just as happy as your one and only. Plus, he’s a super snuggler. To look at him you wouldn’t believe he’s 8 years old. The people who’ve met Charlie have fallen in love, but unfortunately were not in a position to adopt or had another dog that didn’t care for having a sibling. Or they had a cat. Charlie & cats are not a good fit. He’d actually be great for a 1st time Pittie owner and is an excellent representative for the breed.

Charlie takes a supplement for arthritis and needs his nails trimmed regularly, so not a lot of maintenance. There are so many benefits to owning an older dog he hopes you’ll give him a chance.

Charlie is up to date on his vaccinations & monthly preventatives.

Charlie has a special senior dog adoption fee of $150.

If you are interested in adopting Charlie, then please use the pull down menu above. Move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application. Submit your completed application, which will serve as the basis for a conversation, & you will be contacted.


Betty – AVAILABLE         Pitbull Mix

2 Years Old         

45 Pound Spayed Female

Dog friendly
Cat friendly
 Affectionate, housebroken, medium energy level
Fostered in south suburbs of Chicago

Adoptions are limited to a one hour radius from Chicago.

I’m Betty and I have a back story that is unfortunately very common these days. I was picked up by police as a stray and brought to a small local animal control. It was clear that I had recently had puppies, but since nursing moms don’t just leave their nest, it’s likely my pups were sold. It’s a sad fact that people like to overbreed pitbulls like me & then sometimes dump the mommy dogs.

My foster mom spotted me and saw how friendly I was in my little kennel, so friendly in fact that I had happy tail from wagging my tail so hard against the kennel walls. She brought me home into foster care, where I quickly settled in with the other dogs and cats who live there. I love the comforts of home and I love being with people. Snuggling, napping, sunning myself in the grass, chasing after my foster brothers in the yard, playing with toys, I love it all!

My energy level is medium, I enjoy playing in the yard and then resting after. I don’t need excessive walks or exercise. I ride great in the car and I’m fairly quiet overall. I’m crate trained by day & I’d love to sleep in your bed if you’d let me!

I’m not currently fostered with kids, but my foster mom thinks I’d likely be a great family dog & can do kid-testing upon request.

I enjoy playing with my 2 smaller foster brothers, and I am cat curious/playful – I’d like to play with the resident cats but if they swat at me I back off. If you have a playful young cat we would likely do great.

I currently weigh 45 pounds and can gain just a few more pounds, but I’m full grown. I’m spayed, heartworm negative, microchipped, dewormed, current on vaccines and on flea/tick/heartworm prevention.

My adoption fee is $295, but have a partial sponsorship from a generous donor.

If you’re interested in meeting me, use the pull down menu on the top of this page to find, complete & submit an adoption application which will serve as a basis for a conversation. You will be contacted.


I’m fostered in the south suburbs of Chicago, and my foster mom is happy to set up a meet and greet with you after an application is submitted.
Experience/familiarity with my breed is a huge plus!
Adoptions are limited to a one hour radius from Chicago.
We do NOT ship dogs / adopt out across the country.
Plan on a home visit in your yard to ensure a good fit, especially if you have other animals.

Questions? Please email my foster mom at amandarescues78@gmail.com 



Ringo – Available                           
6 y.o., 25 pound, neutered Miniature Poodle Mix

Before you fall in love with Ringo, please read theses caveats:

***** Ringo has food & environmental allergies. Ringo is on a veterinary prescription diet & will likely need to receive monthly injections for the rest of his life. *****

*****  Ringo is fearful of strangers who approach him. On 2 different occasions in 2020, Ringo bit someone. He did not injure either, but he does have a bite history, having nipped people who approached him too quickly & closely. Ringo’s bites were one & done, an unacceptable) but in his mind, defensive) behavior. Consequently, he has a special adoption protocol. *****

Because of his fear of strangers & bite history, in consultation with a certified behaviorist, we have set up an unusual adoption procedure. Any interested adopter will need to meet Ringo 2 or 3 times at his foster home in Steger, IL before Ringo & his foster would do a home check before completing the adoption. It’s a slow process. We want Ringo to become as comfortable with an adopter as he learned to be with his foster & for everyone to be safe. Ringo has successfully met & become friendly with several people by following this protocol.

Basic Description:

Ringo is a fun guy and full of personality. Once he gets to know & trust you, you remain his friend. Ringo does love his foster grandpa. That sort of trust takes some time to develop. He loves to run and play with or without a playmate, though he would prefer having a doggy pal to play with. He does, however, have a happy, but persistent play style which can overwhelm some dogs. 

Ringo needs a secure fenced yard. Although Ringo is most active in winter, he likes to spend hours outside every day; He is also a vocal guard of his area, so an apartment or condo just won’t do. Ringo loves to explore on his daily leash walks and enjoys riding shotgun in the car.  Both because of his wiliness to run & his bite history, Ringo can NEVER be let off leash outside of his small dog secure fenced yard.

Ringo needs a patient family without children or cats in which he can thrive.   

So a patient, experienced adopter can win his affection if they take their time and allow Ringo to set the pace.  He makes a great companion once you earn his trust. Ringos curls should be trimmed by a professional groomer every 8 to 10 weeks.

We encourage you to see & learn more about Ringo on his public Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Ringo-of-Heathers-Foster-Dogs-103134207905349, or search FB on Ringo Heathers Foster Dogs.

Ringo’s adoption fee of $295 has been sponsored.

Ringo is housetrained, neutered & microchipped as well as up to date on his vaccinations (including 2 strains of canine influenza) & monthly heartworm, flea & tick preventatives.

If you are interested in adopting Ringo, then go to the pull down menu above, move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application. Submit your completed application & you will be contacted. We will make arrangements to meet with prospective adopters for Ringo only after a submitted application has been reviewed & a phone conversation has taken place. 


Winnie – Available         Jack Russell Terrier Mix

15 Years Old & just passed another physical          

20 Pound Spayed Female   

Foster Location: South suburbs of Chicago. No out of the area applications, please.

Home Recommendation: Detached Single Family with a small dog secure fenced yard. Winnie would be best in a home where someone is home most of the time. 

Overall: Winnie appears to be a genetic marvel. Surprisingly active at 15, Winnie has the energy of a much younger dog. She could definitely use a daily walk & significant time loose in the small dog secure yard. Winnie loves being outside. In favorable weather, Winnie easily spends 4 hours/day walking & running, not laying, in the yard at her foster home. Winnie is active enough to enjoy considerable time out in colder weather. Rainy conditions are her bugaboo.

Winnie needs to be left to learn about & to trust you at her own pace, which may be a few days or a week. After her adjustment period in her foster home, Winnie showed she is sweet, happy & a fine companion.  After 14 years in one environment & then learning to feel comfortable in her foster home & bond with her foster grandpa, Winnie may be shocked to be in another place.

Background: Winnie was adopted as a puppy by a woman who cared for her until her health deteriorated to a point where she could not stay in her home. Winnie was taken to the veterinarian who had adopted out Winnie as a puppy & continued to provide her vet care throughout her life. The staff took wonderful care of Winnie while trying to contact the family. When they received no response, a staff member got in touch with HFD which had room for Winnie & was happy to take her into the Senior Dog Care Program.

Dogs: Sure, well possibly. When Winnie was introduced into her foster home, a slightly larger dog tried to play with her. Winnie was not comfortable enough in her surroundings to engage.  Winnie has since played regularly with other energetic fosters close to her size. Her style of play can be overwhelming for some dogs her size or smaller. She co-exists in her foster group the larger dogs.

Kids: Why not, as long as they are knowledgeable & patient enough to let Winnie approach them.  

Housetrained: Winnie’s been good about going through the dog door, for exercise as well as for bathroom breaks. Certainly no overnight problems.

Adventurous: Still gets excited, leaps about when she sees the leash. Loves leash walks & to venture out in the car with you. Leash Manners: needs reminders.

Health: Has been & appears to be excellent.

Cat compatibility: No cats were in her home when she was surrendered. We cannot verify her cat compatibility as there are none in her foster home either. 

Vaccinated: Yes

Microchipped: Yes     

Up to date on heartworm, flea & tick preventatives: Yes

Winnie’s special senior adoption fee is $150.

If you’re interested in meeting Winnie, please see pictures & videos of her on her FB page (https://www.facebook.com/Winnie-of-Heathers-Foster-Dogs-105536621676906 or search on Winnie of Heather’s Foster Dogs). If then you’re even more interested, use the pull down menu on the top of this page to find, complete & submit an adoption application which will serve as a basis for a conversation. You will be contacted.



Missy – Available              Min Pin Mix

8 Year Old, 10 Pound Spayed Female

Meet Missy! She came to us from a local shelter after she became stressed.  Missy desperately needed some dental care. After her dental, she started to have a great appetite.  Our vet discovered Missy has an occasional heart arrhythmia which requires no intervention. She also had luxating patella that has been repaired.

Missy came to her foster home extremely scared. She was very afraid when approached.  Only 2 weeks later Missy was secure enough to show she loves to cuddle up on the couch and sleep in the bed.  She is doing well with potty training. 

Missy would do best with a secured fenced yard as she now likes to run around for short bursts. Missy is learning to walk on a leash.  She gets along with the other small dogs in her home and is even playing at times.

Missy is extremely protective of her person (foster Mom) and home. She does OK with her foster Dad as long as he basically leaves her alone. Fearful of strangers, Missy doesn’t take kindly to houseguests. She appears not to like men at all.

Once she trusts you, she will bark or whine to be near you, so Missy is not a fit for an apartment or condo.  

Missy is looking for a quiet ADULT ONLY, most likely female only, home where someone is home most of day.  Due to her fearfulness, only a home with no children is appropriate.

Missy is up to date with her vaccines, spayed and had a recent dental. She is heartworm negative and remains on h/w & flea preventives.  

Missy’s adoption fee is $295. 

You must complete and submit an adoption application before meeting Missy.

If you are interested in adopting, then please use the pull down menu above. Move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application. Submit your completed application, which will serve as the basis for a conversation, & you will be contacted.



CHESTER – AVAILABLE           CORGI MIX                           

10 Years Old                                16 Pounds 

Neutered Male

Chester is a little gem looking for a dog bed to call home.  He has come so far from the scared skeleton discovered in a pen during a well being check which was found to be a hoarding situation.


Chester is blind, but don’t let that scare you. It doesn’t slow him down. He gets around just fine. Chester’s condition is hereditary. His optical nerve is dead. There is no medication or procedure to help.

Chester is house trained but, for his safety, is crated when his foster mom leaves. He lives with various size dogs and they get along just fine. The way to Chester’s heart is food. So a few treats and you will become his friend.

Chester needs a home with no younger kids; older teens are fine.  

Chester is microchipped as well as up to date on vaccines, monthly preventatives. He just had a dental.

Chester’s adoption fee is $150.

If you are interested in adopting Chester, then please use the pull down menu above. Move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application. Submit your completed application, which will serve as the basis for a conversation, & you will be contacted.


Are you interested in one of our amazing foster pets? AWESOME! That means you must be ready to move onto the next step in the process: your HFD Adoption Application. Please click the link below to complete our Adoption Application via Google Forms. 

HFD Adoption Application

Please note that we cannot arrange a meet and greet without a completed and approved Adoption Application. Thank you very much.

We often have multiple applications for the same adoptable dog. We will not disclose information about other potential adopters nor will we normally stop accepting applications on that dog until it has officially been adopted. 

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