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Located in the south suburbs of Chicago, Heather’s Foster Dogs pulls homeless pets from animal shelters in order to ease shelter overcrowding and give these pets a chance to heal and grow in one of our foster homes. Heather’s Foster Dogs makes sure that before made available for adoption, each foster has been checked by HFD’s veterinarian, given age appropriate vaccinations (including rabies, distemper combo & canine influenza) & preventative (heartworm, flea). Each dog is evaluated in its foster home for a minimum of two weeks before declared available for adoption. Our goal is to show every pet we take in the TLC he or she deserves!

If you are keen on meeting a particular dog & have not submitted your adoption application, please be aware that other adopters who have may also be lined up to meet the same dog. It may be helpful for you to complete & submit your application online. To go the instructions for & a link to the online application, you may click on the link at the bottom of this page.


Sonny – Available              Breed: Chihuahua Mix

Sex: Male                                                 Age: 8 Years

Weight: 6 pounds                                        Neutered

Handsome Sonny loves to snuggle in warm blankets. He enjoys sitting on couch and watching tv with his foster family.  Sonny is shy with strangers and can be dog selective. 

Sonny needs home with no children.

He is house trained with reminders and walks nicely on a leash.  Sonny had a dental with several extractions and also had his luxating patella repaired.  He is looking for a quiet home where he can get all the love he deserves. 

Sonny is a naturally vocal guard of his area. He is definitely not a good fit in an apartment or condo.

Sonny is neutered, microchippped and up to date with his vaccines as well as his monthly preventatives.

Sonny’s senior discounted adoption fee is $150.

If you are interested in adopting Sonny, then just go to the banner menu above, move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application. Submit your completed application & you will be contacted.



Ringo – Available                        Breed:  Poodle Mix

Sex: Male                                                   Age: 4 Years

Weight:  20 pounds                                    Neutered

Ringo is a fun little guy and full of personality once he gets to know you. He loves to run and play with or without a playmate, though he would prefer having a doggy pal to play with. Give him a secure fenced yard to patrol and he’s in heaven, so an apartment or condo just won’t do. Ringo loves to explore while on walks and enjoys riding shotgun in the car.  

He sounds like the perfect pup, right? Just like us humans, Ringo has some faults, too, so let’s talk about them. Ringo, given the slightest opportunity, shows his talent as an escape artist. That’s why he needs a secure fenced yard. He can also be a vocal guard of his area. He does have a happy, but persistent play style which can overwhelm some dogs. 

But most of all, he needs a patient family without children where he can thrive.  Ringo is fearful when people approach him too strongly and this has caused him to use his mouth (non-injurious bites).   So a patient, experienced adopter can easily win his affection if they take their time and allow Ringo to set the pace.  He’ll make a great companion once you earn his trust. Ringo’s curls should be trimmed by a professional groomer every 6 to 10 weeks.

Any interested adopter should be prepared to meet Ringo possibly several times, but hes worth it!

To see & learn more about Ringo, please go to his public Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Ringo-of-Heathers-Foster-Dogs-103134207905349, or search on Ringo Heather’s Foster Dogs.

Ringo’s adoption fee is $275. He is house trained, neutered & microchipped as well as up to date on his vaccinations (including 2 strains of canine influenza) & monthly preventatives.

If you are interested in adopting Ringo, then just go to the banner menu above, move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application. Submit your completed application & you will be contacted.

We are a foster based group & do not have a facility at which you can look at Ringo. We will make arrangements to meet with prospective adopters for Ringo only after a submitted application has been reviewed, the applicants have learned more about Ringo on his public Facebook page & a phone conversation has taken place. 



Laura – Available               Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Sex: Female                                        Age: >=12 Years

Weight:  14 pounds                                        Spayed

Laura is a special needs lady who needs a special home. She recently suffered a stroke. She has recovered well from it but does have a lingering head & neck tilt.

Laura needs a relaxed home where she can spend her remaining time without drama in the company of a family experienced caring for a blind dog. And Laura needs a family who can afford the multiple prescriptions for her collapsed trachea & constricted bronchi, chronic conditions. Laura has responded well to the prescribed treatment regimen of 3 medications which, barring complications, she will be on for life.

As Laura was a stray, her age is unknown. She appears to be a minimum of 11 years old & could be significantly older. Laura was taken off the streets with a massive inguinal hernia, a sizable mammary tumor & a shrunken, hypotrophic eye. Laura underwent surgery for these ailments, was spayed & had significant dental work done. Biopsy showed her mammary tumor was cancerous. Laura’s remaining eye appears to have suffered serious injury, or injuries. She is sightless.

Laura enjoys walks in familiar areas. She fancies a slow 20 – 30 minute walk which provides plenty of olfactory stimuli. Laura is in a foster home with larger dogs with whom she interacts little. 

Laura uses a ramp to go between the house & yard. Laura does not walk, but tumbles, down stairs, so a home with stairs is not for her. 

Since her stroke, Laura has trouble finding her way around the house, but can find food & water. She often cannot naturally find her way outside. She can follow the sound of a clicker, needs to be led on a leash or carried out. Laura can find her way back up the ramp & through the dog door into the house.

Laura is up to date on her vaccinations & monthly preventatives.

You may see more of Laura on her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pg/Laura-of-Heathers-Foster-Dogs-777261022624258/posts/?ref=page_internal) or search on Laura of Heather’s Foster Dogs.

Laura’s adoption fee is $150.

If you are interested in adopting Laura, then just go to the banner menu above, move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application. Submit your completed application & you will be contacted.


Are you interested in one of our amazing foster pets? AWESOME! That means you must be ready to move onto the next step in the process: your HFD Adoption Application. Please click the link below to complete our Adoption Application via Google Forms. 

HFD Adoption Application

Please note that we cannot arrange a meet and greet without a completed and approved Adoption Application. Thank you very much.

We often have multiple applications for the same adoptable dog. We will not disclose information about other potential adopters nor will we normally stop accepting applications on that dog until it has officially been adopted. 




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