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Laura Sonnek – President

Jeanne Sweetwood – Vice President & Treasurer

Ed Glassner – Secretary

Linda Freshley

Vic Sweetwood

Amanda Heinemann

Joy Nyhanna


Laura Sonnek

2014-03-07 15.38.57Board President Laura Sonnek was born and raised in southern Indiana and moved with her husband and young family to Homewood in 2004. Laura enjoyed growing up on a small rural farm and can’t remember a time when she didn’t have animals in her life. Her love of all creatures was passed on to her from her mother. Together they took care of cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, chickens, ducks and even baby possums.

Laura and her family have three of their own dogs, one cat, and a guinea pig. She and her family have a soft spot for bully breeds and Shepherd mixes. Her children especially love fostering puppies (they save the cleaning up after them part for mom and dad, though!).

Laura has fostered around 100 dogs and puppies.


Jeanne Sweetwood

Jean minnie1bJeanne Sweetwood currently lives in South Chicago Heights, Illinois with her family. Together with her husband and children, she has been fostering pets since 2009.

Small dogs are absolutely Jeanne’s passion. Jeanne is particularly dedicated to rehabilitating and finding homes for older adult dogs. “So many people overlook the older dogs,” she says. “not realizing how wonderful they actually are and not knowing that they have so much love to give. Plus, older dogs won’t chew up your furniture like puppies will!”

Jeanne’s own dogs over the years have been rescues; she currently has a Shih Tzu, a Papillon, a Lhasa Apso, and a Chihuahua, all of which are rescues with special needs.


Ed Glassner

NiceTieKidBoard member Ed Glassner has fostered with HFD since its inception & was previously a foster at local animal shelter. Six months before Ed joined the foster group at the shelter, he met the group’s foster coordinator while she was teaching a dog obedience class. Hearing her talk about her program inspired Ed to think about fostering dogs in his own home, too.

While attending a shelter event, Ed talked with the foster volunteers and knew immediately he wanted to foster. Who wouldn’t want to join the cool kids?

Ed gets a lot of satisfaction fostering special needs, older and/or sick dogs, especially giving a hospice case dog the feeling of a home.

Ed also likes to see timid dogs, with the help of his pack, come out of their shells. Just let the fosters decompress at a pace they determine.

Heather Risser


Heather Risser has fostered pets in her home for 2 decades. “I love when a dog gets to be a dog. I like when you get an adolescent dog and teach it some manners,” Heather says. In addition to the many foster dogs and cats she’s cared for over the years, Heather also has several dogs of her own.

Linda Freshley

imageFor as long as Linda Freshley can remember there’s been a dog in her house. For the past few years, it’s been more like three dogs in the house: her own two plus a foster.

When Linda’s children were little, she and her family had all kids of pets — furry ones, feathered ones, ones with fins. Even scaly ones! Every stray in the neighborhood always ended up at Linda’s house until the owners came looking for their lost pet.

When Linda’s kids were grown and she had more free time, Linda decided to give back, and it just naturally followed that she started volunteering at a local shelter. From there, Linda decided to make a difference by fostering animals in her home.

“Animals are too often discarded or abused,” says Linda, “and they have no voice, so we have to be that for them. It’s very rewarding placing a dog in a home where you know it will be loved and treated as a family member.”


Vic Sweetwood

IMG_20140317_211420_246-1Vic Sweetwood currently lives in South Chicago Heights, Illinois. Together with his wife Jeanne and their children, he has been fostering since 2009. Vic has been a manager at a local chemical company for over 25 years and also participates in local community affairs. Aside from work and service to his community, he still finds satisfaction in helping his wife Jeanne with the little friends that come through their home.


Kelly Glenn-Snyder

image-2With her children having graduated college, Kelly Glenn-Snyder lives in Mokena, Illinois with her husband. The Snyder house has always been open to many animals over the years, including a tortoise, frogs, turtles, koi fish, dogs, and cats.

Currently, Kelly’s home is run by a pack of rescued Chihuahuas. Kelly has fostered and adopted out many Chihuahuas and other small breeds since becoming part of Heather’s foster group. She is excited to continue to work with Heather’s Foster Dogs!


Amanda Heinemann

IMG_0750Amanda Heinemann has been fostering dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies since 2008. She currently shares her life with 3 rescue dogs, a few cats, and even a rescued chinchilla! Amanda also graduated from vet tech school and especially likes to help special-needs animals.


Joy Nyhanna

Joy Nyhanna’s fostering adventure started many years ago with a Pit Bull mix named Wonder. She was a very sweet, friendly dog in spite of not being in a loving family. When she came to Joy’s as a foster dog, Wonder was suffering with a broken leg that had been left untreated for weeks. Even though she was being fed at her former home, Wonder lived her life chained up outside, never knowing what it was like to be part of a family. Thankfully, Wonder was removed from the situation after someone reported the neglect.

At Joy’s home, Wonder was given medical care, good food, a warm bed to sleep on, and — just as important — she was shown love by a family of both humans and other dogs. When Wonder left Joy’s home for her forever home, Wonder was a much happier and healthier dog.

“I know I made a difference in her life and that is why I foster- to make a difference,” says Joy. Joy hopes Wonder’s story will inspire people to keep their eyes open and report animal abuse — “If you don’t, who will?” she says — and to consider fostering an animal in need.

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