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Heather’s Foster Dogs Adoption Event at

Bradley-Bourbonnais Petco

Saturday 13 January

11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (*)


Holly — 4 year old, 9 pound female Chihuahua Mix

Kie — 8 year old, 14 pound Terrier Mix

Lego — 4 /12 month old, 7 pound male Dachshund Mix

Paco — 8 year old, 17 pound male Chihuahua Mix

To view pictures & information about any of these dogs, please click on Adoptable Dogs/Available Dogs in the pull down menu at the top of the page.

For an application for any of these dogs, please email heathersfosterdogsinfo@gmail.com  or click on Adoption Application in the How to Adopt entry on the pull down menu at the top of the page.  Complete & submit an electronic application

(*) note: not all dogs may be at the event the entire  scheduled time

Any questions? Please contact Heather’s Foster Dogs at heathersfosterdogsinfo@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Congratulations to our adoptive families. Below are the five adoptions from our 2 December 

Tinley Park Petsmart event

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Frm somewhere in there, Brookie wishes you a Happy Halloween.

Consider joining us as a foster family.


Thank you to the Petco Foundation for your recent grant to Heather’s Foster Dogs to aid homeless senior dogs. We strive to foster them, care for their medical needs, prepare them for adoption and find forever homes, or to offer hospice care if needed. Ralphie01.jpeg
The recent generous funding of the Petco Foundation enabled Heather’s Foster Dogs to pull a 10 year old black lab named Ralphie (pictured), who had been waiting over a month at a local shelter for rescue. Because of this funding, we were able to get an intestinal parasite screening and treat him for whipworms, bring his vaccinations up to date, and have a thorough blood panel run by our vet, who diagnosed Ralphie with beginning stages of renal disease. Following veterinary instruction, Ralphie’s foster home has started him on a rather pricey prescription renal food, over $50 for a 17 pound bag, and a renal supplement which costs $70 bottle for a one month supply. Bloodwork has been re-run once already. Ralphie is showing improvement. So with steady care and the continuation of his prescription diet and supplements, we are hoping Ralphie’s kidneys will improve enough for him to get neutered and placed for adoption. He is gaining weight and thriving in foster care, so we know that brighter days are here thanks to your help.


CN 20170316.JPG

Thank you so much to CN Railroad for honoring Heather’s Foster Dogs with a grant in recognition of the volunteer efforts of Sergio Zoruba, CN employee out of the Homewood office.



Love Big Dogs? Let’s Talk!


Heather’s Foster Dogs is actively recruiting foster homes that can help out medium – large size dogs. Could that be you? The shelters are full of dogs of all sizes, but many times dogs that are not small & cute get overlooked, and we want to help change that. Would you be willing to let a Lab crash on your couch for a bit? Have bully breed experience? Have a soft spot for Shepherds? We would love to meet you! We work to find a placement that works great for your home – be it male/female, old/young, etc. The rescue pays for the food and veterinary care. All you need to do is find the room in your heart and home. 

We host multiple adoption events per month and you only have to attend the ones that work with your schedule. Your dog may need a ride to the occasional vet visit, but no worries. Again, the rescue pays for the veterinary care! 

Fostering is not a lifetime commitment. Fostering is just a commitment to save one life. Make a difference in this world by saving a dog from death row. Even if you cannot foster right now, please share far and wide with interested friends and family, and keep us in mind for the future. 

Interested? Please drop us an email at heathersfosterdogsinfo.org & we will send you a foster home application. You may just ask us for more information, or choose to stop by any of our adoption events to meet us and see what we are all about. 

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