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Located in the south suburbs of Chicago, we primarily serve the greater Chicago area. Heather’s Foster Dogs does not ship animals. No matter where you live, no matter how far, you (all resident family members & dogs) will be expected to meet with HFD in person for your adoption interview and pet pick up. 

Heather’s Foster Dogs is looking for responsible, dedicated, and loving pet owners for our foster animals. This means:

  • You feel that pets are an important part of the family. They do not spend their days and nights living outside in the yard, chained to a doghouse or locked up in a kennel. Pets belong safe and warm in your home. You understand you are saving a life, not purchasing a product.

  • You understand that regular veterinary visits with a licensed veterinarian are important to maintaining the health and wellbeing of your pet. This means regular exams, administering medication when prescribed, and Mikeykeeping your pet up-to-date on vaccinations.

  • You believe in POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT TRAINING ONLY and will seek the help of an experienced professional trainer if necessary or recommended.

  • You understand that adding a pet to your family is a commitment that should last for the ENTIRE LIFE OF THAT PET.

To adopt a dog from Heather’s Foster Dogs, you must…

  • Be at least 21 years of age

  • Have a valid form of identification (a driver’s license or state ID)

  • Verify that you are allowed to have a dog of the breed and size where you currently live

  • Understand that a fenced yard may be required for a dog you are interested in

  • Understand that training may be required for the dog you are interested in

  • Understand that HFD reserves the right to check veterinarian and personal references

  • Bring along all household members including any resident dogs or children to meet the dog you hope to adopt

TO ALL POTENTIAL ADOPTERS: Heather’s Foster Dogs is dedicated to eliminating shelter overcrowding once and for all. We understand the only way to really achieve this goal is by cutting down on the number of unwanted animals born every year. As such, HFD tirelessly promotes spay/neuter for all companion animals, and in fact requires this as part of our adoption agreement. If you currently own an animal that is intact (meaning it is NOT spayed/neutered), and there is no medical reason as to why your pet has not been spayed/neutered, HFD cannot in good faith approve you to adopt one of our foster animals.


HFD reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant if we feel they are not the best fit for the animal they’ve applied to adopt.

If we turn down an application, please know that this does NOT mean that we feel you are a bad person or would make a substandard pet owner. Because our goal is to find the best match for the animals in our care, and because these pets will have lived in our homes, giving us an idea of their personalities, quirks, issues & needs. We feel it is our responsibility to place each and every one of our pets with the person and living situation that best suits that pet and that person. Maybe you’re a person who lives in a small apartment and you’re interested in adopting a hyper Lab who needs space to run and a fenced yard to keep him safe. Maybe you have another dog that sees a potential adoptee as more of an adversary than a buddy. There are any number of reasons a potential adoption may not be ideal.

We understand it is extremely disappointing to hear “no, not this animal at this time,” but please know that our foster pets are ALWAYS our number one priority. It is likely that the perfect pet for you is out there somewhere — don’t give up!

And please, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Email Heather’s Foster Dogs at heathersfosterdogsinfo@gmail.com and we will be happy to contact you.


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