Alumni News and Adoptions


Have you adopted a pet from Heather’s Foster Dogs and want to share an update? If so, please send your “Alumni News” and some recent photos of your dog to

Adoptions for the week ending 28 December 2019

Rudy                                               Otis

Alumni note:

One year ago, we surprised the kids and adopted this little lady from Heather’s Foster Dogs. She stepped out of the van and looked at me with her big brown eyes full of worry and I knew she was meant to be ours. She’s thriving right at home with sister Violet. Thank you all for giving her a second chance to be loved! Happy Gotcha Day, Hazel Louise! 💜🐶

Adoptions for the week ending 21 December 2019

(clockwise from upper left) Flurry, Lottie, Ricky, Zandra & Shane 


Adoptions for the week ending 14 December 2019

Theodore adopted



Foster alumnus Oreo & his mom visited us at Petsmart last Saturday & donated hand crafted blankets of various sizes for current & future fosters. 

                                 Oreo                                                                          Oreo
                     Adopted 3 years ago                                                     Currently

Adoptions for the week ending 7 December 2019

Alex                                              Reggie

Adoptions for the week ending 30 November 2019

                Atlanta                  Napoleon              McKenna

Adoptions for the week ending 16 November 2019

Ranger adopted


Adoptions for the week ending 2 November 2019

Chantel Adopted.jpg


Adoptions for the week ending 26 October 2019

Tula adopted

TULA ( center)

Adoptions for the week ending 19 October 2019



Adoptions for the week ending 22 September 2019



Adoptions for the week ending 8 September 2019

                 Misty                                 Gloria

Adoptions for the week ending 1 September 2019

Gail adopted 20190902

                                             Gail adopted.

Adoptions for the week ending 24 August 2019

Rico Adopted

Rico & puppies Alton, Justice & Monica


Adoptions for the week ending 17 August 2019

Anchor, Doris & Taylor

& Rocky

Rocky adopted


Adoptions for the week ending 10 August 2019

Basil, Buck & Clementine (clockwise from top left)

Adoptions for the week ending 20 July 2019

                                     Barry                                              Guess

                  Nick                            Snooky                             Stewie

Adoptions for the week ending 6 July 2019

                                  Elsie                                            Mickey


Adoptions for the week ending 29 June 2019 – Luna

Luna adopted 20190623

Adoptions for the week ending 22 June 2019 – Whiskey


Adoptions for the week ending 15 June 2019

Adoptions for the week ending 8 June 2019

Morgan adopted

Adoptions for the week ending 1 June 2019

Adoptions for the week ending 25 May 2019 – Mona

Mona Adopted.jpg

Adoptions for the week ending 11 May 2019

                                   Drax                                                   Link                                           Yahtzee


Adoptions for the week ending 4 May 2019

Edie Adopted


Adoptions for the week ending 16 March 2019

Khaleesi                                      Luke                                    Matilda

Adoptions for the week ending 9 March 2019

                     Eli                                            Elsa

Adoptions for the week ending 2 March 2019


Adoptions for the week ending 16 February 2019

                               Poppy & her new sister Tallulah

poppy ii

Adoptions for the week ending 9 February 2019



Adoptions for the week ending 2 February 2019


   Mae Adopted

Adoptions for the week ending 26 January 2019

Doyle                                             Roosevelt

Adoptions for the week ending 19 January 2019

Case, Cheyenne, Drew (top row), Elwood & Turner (bottom row)

Freska (left) Adopted, 12 January 2019. Freska joins HFD alum Toby.


 Prince Adopted, 5 January 2019 

prince adopted

Adoptions for the week ending 29 December 2018

                                Elliot                                      Holly 

Adoptions for the week ending 22 December 2018


                                                  Louise Adopted

Winn-Dixie (fka Puddin) at her 1st birthday. Thank you to her adopters for giving her a loving home.

Image may contain: dog


Adoptions for the week ending 15 December 2018

Joey Adopted

Joey Adopted

Adoptions for the week ending 8 December 2018

Siblings Latte & Creamer

Adoptions for the week ending 1 December 2018

Adoptions for the week ending 24 November 2018

                Crystal (center)                          Mindy (left)                                                         Pretzel



Adoptions for the week ending 17 November 2018

Aurora, Raisin, Sydney, Sterling & Bart (clockwise from upper left)


Adoptions for the week ending 10 November 2018

                             Jodi                                         Alaska


Adoptions for the week ending

Adoptions for the week ending 6 Oct 2018

Adoptions for the week ending 29 September 2018



Adoptions for the week ending 23 September 2018

Adoptions for the week ending 15 September 2018



Adoptions for the week ending 8 September 2018





Adoptions for the week ending 31 August 2018


Kelsey adopted


Meadow Adopted


A 20180825


Alumni Stanley & Chester check in:

Hi heathers foster dogs just wanted to share a photo with u guys we had a little pug brother reunion today for stanley and chester aka marlon after 4 years they still loved each other but r very different personalities chester is blue stanley is in the camo

Image may contain: dog

Adoptions for the week ending 18 August 2018

Lando Adopted

Adoptions for the week ending 11 August 2018

Adoptions for the week ending 12 August 2018

update from alumnae Emma (PKA Midnight)


Adoptions for the week ending 4 August 2018


Adoptions for the week ending 22 July 2018



Adoptions for the week ending 8 July 2018

Adoptions for the week ending 23 June 2018



Adoptions for the week ending 16 June 2018

         Smalls                           Kandi         &             Sara


Adoptions for the week ending 2 June 2018

Adoptions for the week ending 26 May 2018

26 Adopt

Adoptions for the week ending 19 May 2018


 Adoptions for the week ending 5 May 2018

Adoptions week ending 28 April

5 adoptions

Donnie adopted! Congratulations to him and his new family!

Donny adopted. Congratulations to the whole family.


It’s official – introducing Dillion & his dad.


Nora Adopted

Billie Sue.

Billie Sue adopted.


Adopted, Spicy marks the occasion with a family portrait.


Adopted, Granny Mabel takes it in stride.

Puddin Adopted

Adopted, Puddin enlarges the family.

Sierra Adopted

Adopted, Sierra settling in with her mom.

Jenny Adopted

Adopted, Jenny is welcomed to the family.

Congratulations to Vito & His Family

Congratulations to Vito & his family.

May Adopted

May has been adopted.


Nog found his forever home. Congratulations to his new Mom, Dad & sister.


Sophie (on the right) Adopted at the Petsmart National Adoption Weekend


Midnight adopted on this first day of Petsmart’s National Adoption Weekend.

Jose Adopted

Jose Adopted.


Adopted, Lego joins HFD Alum Ava.



Holly adopted while sibling is getting groomed, dolling up for the post adoption party.

Logan Adopted


Adopted, Pippen is about to leave the building.

Calvin Ad



Happiness is … Josie adopted.


Radar & Aubrey adopted as a team. Congratulations all around.

Hercules Adopted

Adopted, here’s Hercules with his delightful family.

Eddie Adopted

Eddie adopted. Congratulations to him and his new family!

Kirby A


While new family member checks out the training area, Ava completes (center) her adoption.

Jingle A

FLASH: Adopted, Jingle is leaving the building in fine company.


Adopted, puppy Hoover has a family & a playmate.

Peso Adopted

Peso’s senior for seniors adoption completed.


The family just grew with Brookie’s adoption.


Here’s Max , ex-Marshall (Figaro) from County Line, whom we fostered in the summer of 2016. He is all grown up.  and doing great.


Adopted, Buzz joins the pack.


Maybelline Adopted

Buddy adopted

Buddy adopted & looking forward to his new home.

Jolene adopted. Congratulations to her & her new family.












HFD alum Rizzo (fka Fritz) showing off his new outfit. Rizzo knows sit, paw, stay, speak & lay down.


ADOPTED, Cindy Lou joins the family.


Rolo adopted. Congratulations to him and his new family.

Timmy Adopted.JPG

Timmy adopted. An exciting time for all.



Jake adopted 9 October 2017.


HFD Alum Venus has a brother as Oliver is adopted.

Tess Adopted.jpg

It’s official. Tess Adopted.


Adoption Day for Chuck with his Forever Family.


Venus adopted. Congratulations to the trio.


Robby adopted. Congratulations to him and his new family.

Lulu A.jpg

August 19, Lulu is adopted, making it 3 for the day.

Willow A.jpg

August 19, Willow adopted too. Willow is so lucky to have a great new mom!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, dog and living room

August 19, Eddie adopted! Congratulations to him and his new family and fursister.


Adopted, Fritz shows off his family.


Lucy, all dressed in new pink accessories, has been adopted.


Ralphie adopted. Congratulations to him and his new family.


Mr. Wilson has been adopted.


Mugsy has been adopted.

x A.jpg

Z A.jpg

G a.jpg



Miffy adopted. Congratulations to Miffy & her family.


Adopted, Zoey & her family.



Showing off his dandy new harness, Darby is adopted.

Brando A.jpg

Adopted, Brando prefers blondes.


Adopted, Mojo says I’m yours,I’m not taking my eyes off you.


Adopted, Nitro makes 3.


Adopted, Princess Buttercup is to rule over a new realm.


The first family portrait for ADOPTED Bugg.


Midge has been adopted.


Adopted Carissa & her happy family.

J A.jpg

Adopted, Journey is on her way to puppy training class.


Gotti is adopted by former HFD adopters. He gets to live with his daughter! If you recall a year ago, Gotti & his puppies were surrendered . Congratulations to him and his new family! V22.jpg

Grumpy not more, old man Vincent has been adopted.


Today’s third & final adoption. Buzz meets his older brother.Candida.jpg

Candida adopted. That’s the second adoption today, 1 April. Again, no foolin’.


Star joins the family, Petsmart adoption #1 today, the first of April. No foolin’.


Spencer adopted.


Gabbie has been adopted.


And Martha (adopted) makes four.


Nala adopted.

P C a.jpg

Paige adopted, rejoins litter mate Castle who was adopted yesterday. Congratulations all around.


Four cheers as Castle is adopted.

S A.jpg

Selene Adopted. And Selene makes four. 

R a.jpg

Lucky 7, Ryder adopted.


Gracie Adopted


Martin’s adoption brings smiles all around.


Eva adopted. She has a brother!


Mona adopted. Congratulations to her and her new family.


Mazie has been adopted.


Adopted, Atticus has found his family.


Alumni Harley, the little dog with the mind (& appetite) of giant, certainly had settled in.


Paris adopted.  Congratulations to her and her family.


L Duo, Luna & Leon adopted together.


No longer calling, London has been adopted.


Adopted. Welcome to the family, Ivy.


Yes indeed. Fallon showing off his family.

N A.jpg

Celebrating Noah’s adoption.

Eli adopted.jpg

Eli adopted too

york a.jpg

R A.jpeg

Ranger Adopted

MOrgan A.jpg

Morgan adopted. Here’s the family adoption portrait.

(Below) Faith, & sisters Camille & Dottie adopted on 7 January at HFD adoption event at Petsmart in Tinley Park


Congratulations to Faith & family.

out of focus 4.jpg

Smiles all over at Dottie’s adoption.

another out of focus 2, dogs.jpg

Camille adopted into the family.


Happy New Year from 2017 adoptee Fiona.

l A.jpg

Lola adopted, transformed into Mocha. Congratulations to her and her new family.

Wilson adopted.jpg

Wilson adopted. Congratulations to him and his new family.


Jet adopted. Congratulations to him and his new family.


Adopted, Hannah has found a home. Congratulations.

Roo A.jpg

Roo adopted! Congratulations to him and his new family

J A.jpg

Joanie adopted. The family portrait.

G a.jpg

Grace adopted.

T a.jpg

Tabitha adopted.

Oreo A.jpg

Oreo adopted.

C a.jpg

Courtney adopted.

B A.jpeg

Belle adopted into the family.


Finley adopted. Black coats all around on this joyous occasion.


We at Heathers Foster Dogs are thrilled to announce that Frankie was adopted today, 19 Nov 2016, into a Navy veteran family. Congratulations all around.


Marty & his adopted brother.

T A.jpg

Tinkerbell adopted. Here’s the first family portrait.

Annie Adopted.jpg

Annie adopted.

Cocoa Halloweeen 2016.jpg

Cocoa says she’s more than happy, she’s ecstatic to spend her first Halloween with her family.

Jovie Halloween.jpg

Jovie all ready for Halloween with her “Super Family”


Jazzy’s happy with her adopted folks.


Jovie & her new mom’s first picture together.


A new foursome, Sheila has been adopted.

Lyn becomes Harley.JPG

Lyn becomes Harley. Congratulations all around.

Fr Ad.jpg

Having learned about love in her foster home, Frieda and her forever mom have picked each other to love. Congratulations to both.

Bobbie Jo.jpg

Congratulations to Bobbie Jo & her Dad.


Congratulations to Hattie & her family.


Magnus adopted. Congratulations to him and his new mom.


Big Papi (fka Mercury) chillin’with his brother, Biggie Smalls.


Norton isn’t the only one SO happy in his new home.


Benny (fka) Mack loves his new home & new blanket.


Bella (fka Jean) relaxing in her new home.


Congratulations. Dolly adopted & given a big hound welcome by her new family. 


Mercury adopted & showing off his new family. Congratulations.


Jean adopted. Congratulations to the new love of her life.


Norton Adopted. Congratulations to Norton & his even more happy family.

Merlin A.JPG

The band is getting back together. Merlin adopted, joins Athena. Congratulations to the whole family.

Athena A.JPG

They adopted a goddess.  Congratulations to Athena & her family.

Poseidon A.jpg

A giant round of congratulations to Phoenix & his family.


Molly (fka Jody) enjoying city life with her brother.

Congratulations to Phoenix & her family.

Jack adopted.Jack A.jpg Congratulations to him and his new mom and dad.

Scout A.jpg

Congratulations to Scout & his family.

Jody A.jpg

Jody adopted. Congratulations to her and her new mom.

Mack adopted! Congratulations to him and his new family

Sparky hanging out with new buddy at his forever home


Sparky adopted


Lucy (formerly Felicity) loves her forever home! She stopped by with her mom to Petsmart and Heather’s Foster Dogs members just had to say hello. Look at how happy she is!

Mitzy and her family are doing very well! She has ventured on many road trips with her forever family and even attended her parents’ wedding, making sure that she got plenty of attention on their big day. Congratulations to Mitzy and the happy couple!

Georgia had a fun day at her forever home. She enjoyed a long relaxing day at the pool!

Blanch's Marlon All Grown UP 2_sm

Remember Blanch and her babies? Here’s Marlon and his fur-ever mom, he’s so grown up!


Misty loves her new family and did great at the groomers!


Garth with his four legged siblings getting ready to celebrate St Paddy’s Day!!


Arnold 03

Arnold and his mommy showing off some new tricks he’s learned.


Hank’s settling in nicely!


Sully’s staying nice a warm this winter in his forever home!


Zeus (formally Mouse) with his brother Hooch. Big handsome boys!


Johnny’s enjoying his forever home, it didn’t take him much time to find his spot on the couch.


We’ve gotten an awesome update on Claire!!

“Claire has been doing so well with our family and we can’t imagine a day without her. Our family has just moved from Illinois to Arizona and she is absolutely enjoying the Arizona heat. Here is a picture of her and her brother, Sammy, having some summer fun by the pool!”

image4 image2 image3

Denver’s forever Mom says he’s fitting in nicely!

“Mr. Darcy (formerly Denver)  is loving the city life now!  Darcy loves his four walks a day, hanging out at doggie day care, being at my side as I run errands and frolic around the city including going to the beach and dine al fresco!  He looks so different from when I got him!  He’s beautiful!”

IMG_20150727_093912 IMG_20150727_093921

“Just wanted to send an update. It’s been 1 week since Reggie joined our family and 1 year since Sassi (fka Blanche) came home with us. She makes us laugh every day since the minute she git here.

Thank you all so much for all you do for pets in need and families who want to love them, like us. We saw you on WGN news (great job). Hope you find furever families for Felicity and friends!

I’ve included a couple of pics of our babies. They even watch TV together!”

20150310_161512_resized 20150326_142633_resized 20150305_194310_resized 20150423_073950_resized

ZoZo (formerly Zoe) is loving here new life with her family!

photo-2 photo

We are so happy to see that Ike is fitting in well at his forever home :)….


Margot (formerly Summer) is doing great in her forever home! Her new Mom gave us an awesome update!

”Margot (formerly Summer, my 3 year old is a fan of Despicable Me as I am of the Royal Tannenbaums) is going fabulously!   She’s such a gem, adorable and quite bright.  She’s taken to our other dog Vladimir.  She picks on him constantly and he secretively loves it.  She’s still small but about twice the size she was in January.”


Sammy has made himself right at home in his new home!


DSCN1087 DSCN1078

Cricket (formerly Lorraine) is settling in nicely at her new forever home! She is even getting along with her new cat sibling!


Denver checking out the big city from his new forever home!


Rita’s first Christmas with her forever family as a foster failure!

happy vesta

Vesta, now Skylar, is enjoying the company at her forever home for Christmas!

happy hans

Our little white Shepard pup, Hans, is now a big boy and loving his forever family.

happy brenna

Brenna is still doing amazingly in her forever home!

happy stanley happy marlon happy blanche

Stanley, Marlon and Blanche are all happy for the holiday’s in their forever homes!


Dorthy’s pups are all grown up!

happy gizmo


Connie (now Bella) would like to tell everyone how happy she is in her new home thanks to Heathers Foster Dogs. She also wants to remind you to ADOPT don’t shop for your next dog!


Allie, formally Brianne, 4months and doing great. She knows she has the best family in the world.

2014-11-15 09.40.29

Former littermates, Teddy and Gizmo (Brock and Britton), reunited by their new families for a play date!


Tucker sharing the couch with his big brother, haha!


Bailey (formerly know as Blaire) is ready for Halloween in her new forever home!


Stewie has settled in nicely! Here he is with his new big sister!


Ike is doing very well adjusting to his new forver home. We are told his favorite thing to do when the family is eatting is sit under the glass top table and watch them!

Harley harley2 08-02-14 1

Harley, formerly Duncan, is doing amazingly in his new home! His family says Harley loves to go with his new Dad to drop the kids off at school and rides very well in the car. he even went on his first camping trip, where he got to enjoy swimming in the lake!!


Archie’s new forever family says he is doing very well adjusting to his new home!

blanche6 blanche7 0727141727d

Blanche is settling in quite nicely in her new home. It took no time at all for her to make her self comfy, haha!

.Lily 4Molly (formerly Lily) is fitting in nicely with her forever family. Here you can see her with her Dad; they told us she lovesss pizza.

gunnar rogan

Gunnar(formerly Rocky) helping his family clean up after the big storms. Lucky no one was hurt and there was no property damage, just plenty of sticks for him to play with.

vesta3Skylar (formerly Vesta) settled in and enjoying her new life with her forever family.


Brenna (still Brenna!) came to visit us with her forever family at the last Homewood Farmer’s Market. She is doing amazingly in her new home and she loves her new sister!


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