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Hercules – Available                         Breed: Terrier Mix     
Sex: Male                                                Age:  1 1/2 Years
Weight: 8 pounds                                          Neutered 

Hercules is adorable & full of energy. He’s very playful, will retrieve anything you throw and then leave it just out of your reach.   Hercules can amuse himself for short periods, but would rather you be involved. 

Hercules is crate trained and does fairly well in the house as long as you’re paying attention.  Not sure where he spent the first couple years  of his life but it’s safe to say he’s had little training.  Hercules doesn’t like to go out in the rain and he may not have even experienced snow.  He was in a shelter in Texas when hurricane Harvey hit.  Hercules was transported north to make room for area pets needing to be returned to their families. 

Hercules is very mouthy, not appropriate for a home with small children.  He does not  bite, but does grab with his mouth, especially when over excited.  He wants to be good, you can see he’s trying but the control is not there and will require patience, positive reinforcement.  He will climb on a table or steal you slippers.  Still very much like a puppy, Hercules is lucky he’s cute cause when he looks at you with those big brown eyes it’s hard to be mad. There’s no doubt with time and patience he’ll be a great companion. Hercules is up to date on all vaccinations and neutered. 

Hercules’s adoption fee is $275.

If you think Hercules is a wonderful match for you, then go to the banner menu above, move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application. Submit your completed application & you will be contacted.

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