Available Dogs

Khaleesi – Available             Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Sex: Female                             Age: 6 Years
Weight: 70 pounds                 Spayed

There’s no doubt the first six years of her life were not the best. We’re determined, however, to find her a happily furever after. 

Full of heartworm and has arthritis in her back (not her hips), Khaleesi endured months of sometimes painful treatment but is now heartworm free.  She was also spayed.  With medication for her back, she’s now doing well.

Khaleesi is such a sweet girl. She has never showed any aggression, even when asked to do something she didn’t want to or around food.  Khaleesi rolls over in submission if anyone goes to pet her.  It’s very likely someone betrayed her trust, really so very sad. When Khaleesi’s home with just her foster mom things are almost normal. When her foster dad comes home she secludes herself, sometimes even hides.  If he calls, Khaleesi will come with her head and body low and tail tucked between her legs. He’s never given her any reason to be scared.  Even with kids, she’s belly up. But there has been improvement. Occasionally Khaleesi will seek out her foster dad for a good ole ear scratch but then she goes right back to her quiet spot. 

Khaleesi is house trained. At first we had to walk out into the yard with her or she wouldn’t go.  Seemed as if she was afraid she wouldn’t be let back in the house.  After a few months she was doing it on her own. But Khaleesi’s still not one to want to sit out in the yard.  That may change in time as well.

Khaleesi needs routine and someone who’s home more than not, a quiet home. You might be yelling about a football game on tv.  Khaleesi doesn’t understand. She needs someone who’ll take her for long walks to help keep her weight down. Khaleesi is very food motivated, always there looking for a hand out at meal time. She’s spoiled, her foster mom cooks carrots or green beans to add to her dinner, home made bone broth, maybe a scrambled egg with breakfast. Just little things that make her happy, even excited. Khaleesi walks fairly well on a leash.  She loves to go for a ride in the car. We don’t know how she is with other dogs. There was a small puppy in the house for a bit who wanted nothing more than to play or snuggle, but Khaleesi didn’t know what to do. Maybe another dog more her age with similar energy level and confidence. No young children.

Khaleesi is spayed, current on all vaccinations, microchipped and of course it is imperative she remain on monthly heartworm preventative. There’s no doubt in time & lots of love she will make a wonderful companion.

Khaleesi’s adoption fee is $150.

If you are interested in adopting Khaleesi, then just go to the banner menu above, move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application. Submit your completed application & you will be contacted.


Louise – Available                      Breed: Maltese Mix
Sex: Female                                  Age: 2 1/2 Years
Weight: 11 pounds                      Spayed

Shy at first, Louise is looking for someone to make the center of her life & would enjoy the company of & playing with a dog near her size. 

Louise is doing well on her house training. She fancies herself a watchdog, so an apartment or condo may not be an appropriate home for her. A lively lady, Louise does like her belly rubs. In her foster home, Louise is living with other, larger dogs whom she mostly ignores.

Louise enjoys spending a lot of time in the yard, preferably not alone. She is offended by cats on the other side of the fence. From the yard, Louise wants to meet the small dog next door & talks to dogs a few houses away. She likes going for walks for exercise & sense stimulation, not elimination. Little excites Louise as much as squirrels, who seem to be her arch enemy (see video on her Facebook page). Louise needs a secure, fenced yard.

She enjoys accompanying her human on car rides. Louise needs professional grooming every couple of months.

Please see more of Louise on her Facebook page (search on Louise of Heather’s Foster Dogs).

Louise’s adoption fee is $275.

If you are interested in adopting Louise, then just go to the banner menu above, move your cursor over How to Adopt & click on Adoption Application. Submit your completed application & you will be contacted.




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